movement analysis

Movement Analysis

Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior or anyone who experiences pain with repetitive movements, using Dartfish innovative technology, we can capture high speed movements to determine any faults in your movement patterns. This allows us to put quantitative data to movement patterns in an attempt to return you to optimal health and wellness. This has significant benefits to you that include reduced pain, energy efficiency with movements, injury prevention and real time comparisons as you progress.

Individuals seek movement analysis when additional expert knowledge is needed through simple or complex motions. Movement analysis provides a quantitative perspective that may not otherwise be easily measured.

By using recorded movements and reducing the speed to as low as ¼ frame per second, we can get an accurate analysis of each specific joint through your movements. Movements include walking, running, throwing, jumping, squatting, Olympic lifts or any sport specific movements.

We have the ability to measure specific joint angles, lateral and medial deviations through various planes both in a static or a dynamic position. Statically, we can analyze postures in the seated and standing positions. When used dynamically, we can capture a significant amount of data about balance awareness and risk for injury.

Dr. Small will analyze the movement piece by piece to ensure that you have quality movement through your full available range of motion. Once the movement has been studied, an individualized program will be designed to address any impairments that will reduce pain and enhance your performance.

We can take our technology to your venue. In the community or home, on the field, in the pool or on the court, we will help you GET YOUR LIFE BACK!